Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Crazy storm

The first week I was back in Yantai, we had a crazy wind/ice storm. I tried to walk the 100 feet to the local shop near my apartment to buy some things, and I had to turn back because it was too strong.

I couldn't go to work the next day because the road along the ocean had been covered in debris, and our factory and one of the cars had been damaged by the wind. When I came to the factory later in the week, I saw that the wind had ripped the steel pilings that hold our car park roof right out of the concrete.

On Sunday, Louise and I went for a walk along the sea front in Yantai. Fargus, Josh, and Eli have been there, so they'll know where I mean... it was where we had our picture taken for the paper. Check out what the waves did! I'm amazed sometimes at the shear power that water can have.

Waterfront Walkway

Stairway to... nowhere?

Seafront Veranda - those blocks must each weigh > 1 ton

Eminem got his wish; Moby is dead