Monday, January 15, 2007

New Toy

So, I've been struggling for ages, trying to decide what new toy to spend my hard earned money on when I came back to the US. I had originally set my sights on the new Nintendo Wii. It seems like such a great gaming system, that I just HAD to have one....

...until I remembered those days, leaving the chem lab at Houghton International everyday, rushing to the video game store, and dumping $50 dollars for a new game. Fifty-smackeroos!! That's a lot of money people, especially when it becomes a bad habit.

While shopping in Yantai a few days ago, I made a discovery. In China, you can buy Playstation 2 game copies for 4-5 yuan each ($0.50) just like you can buy DVD copies. And since the PS3 is out, the price for a Chinese PS2 has dropped significantly.

Anyway, long story short, I spent 32 元 ($4.00) on games that would have cost me $400 in the US. Who cares if its the previous generation of hardware and out dated. Ripping a demon in half in God of War for PS2 is still great fun, even if its graphics aren't up to PS3 standards.