Monday, January 08, 2007

Long time, no see

Wow... its been nearly one month since I posted. Sorry about that. I'm really busy right now, so I have no time to tell you all about my Christmas and New Year's, but I'll get to it eventually. For now, I'm going to leave you all with a description of London's most expensive sandwich (and most likely the worlds), which is making my mouth drool. Its more expensive than the Dom Perignon & Buffalo Wings meal at Hooters ($150) and 50 times more classy.

* 600 grams (that's 132 lbs)
* over 2500 calories (the RDA by the FDA)
* cost: 85 pounds sterling ($164 USD)
* available at Selfridges deli counter

For those eager to recreate this ate home, the ingredients are:
* Two slices of freshly baked sourdough bread
* Roquette dressed with avocado oil
* Confit of sweet peppers and grain mustard
* Unpasteurized Brie de Meaux
* Sliced English plum tomatoes
* Fresh lobe foie grase (duck liver... yummy)
* Wagyu beef (Japanese breed of cattle, similar to Kobe beef)

And I wonder why I'm tubby...