Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Exit-entry organ?

Guarantee of Social Order Responsibility of Aliens... one of the many, many, many forms I had to fill out in the lengthy, godless process that is obtaining a residence permit in China.

Below are some of the items I signed my name to. I am listing them for the sake of amusement and to illustrate the dire need for better English grammar education for government translators.

I am willing to take the following responsibilty:

  1. Whoever lodges at the apartment must carry valid passport or residence certificate or other identity card.
  2. No permit to lodge other persons at the apartment except the relatives. The relatives who are Chinese continent residents shall report to the local police station. The relatives abroad shall report to the exit-entry organ in conformity to the related regulations.
  3. To sale or lend or rent it to other person, the host must report to the original approving organ and while to the local police station for filing.
  4. Carefully to carry out the safety measures in accordance with the demands of the public security organ. At once to report to the related organ if finding out the hidden danger.
  5. To refrain from conducting with the non-accommodation or non-status behavior or other illegal activites at the apartment.
  6. Persons at the apartment take any behavior or play music or sounds shall not make so big noise that effect the work or rest of the neighbours.
  7. Persons at apartment shall not set up communications facilities without permission.