Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The One-timer

I was introduced to the concept of the "One-timer" by my friend Jack last night. I own a lot of DVDs that have bought over the last year and a half. I watch movies all the time, often before they come out in the US. Only thing is, I usually only watch them once.

Last week I bought the movie Borat: Cultural Learnings for Make... yeah, I can't remember the whole title. Anyway, I watched it and thought it was hilarious. Jack came over last night to check it out, and to my dismay found that the DVD didn't want to play. When I did finally get it going, the audio was all sorts of messed up.

Jack told me I was a victim of the "one-timer". Apparently a lot of the pirate DVD companies use blank DVDs that are SOOO cheap that the laser in your DVD player actually alters the information as you view it the first time, rendering the disc unwatchable a second time.

So, I own close to 1,000 DVDs and there is a chance that some of them will never play again. Wonderful.