Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I'm seriously not going to miss this job

Ring, ring...

"Oh, hi, David."
"What's that? The driver will come by at 10am to pick me up?"
"Ok, but make sure he does, because it is very important that I check all of the trailers today before they are loaded into the truck to go to the fair."

At 1 o'clock pm...

"Hi, David. 10 o'clock, huh?"
"What? The driver maybe cannot get me today?"
"Maybe he can't, or he can't,... which one?"
"No, I don't have enough money to take a taxi to work because I haven't even been paid my Chinese salary yet this month!"

One hour later...

"Hi, Eric."
"No, we cannot use the wood panels instead of the steel. That's why I had you make the steel ones today."
"What do you mean the workers didn't follow your design and now the panels are wrong?"
"Why didn't the floor manager have the correct drawings for the side panels?"
"I don't give a $h*t if you and the floor manager are having an argument!! Go down stairs RIGHT NOW and give him the drawings so they can make another two side panels the correct way!!"
"Yes, there is enough time!! DO IT NOW!!!!!!"