Friday, September 07, 2007

Bush is a baboon... a blithering baboon

...not like we didn't already know that, but you can't make this stuff up. Political comedy writers of our generation couldn't ask for a bigger idiot running our country.

Visiting Australia for the days leading up to the APEC meeting, Bush in one speech managed to refer to the country as Austria (White House official transcripts covered up this error... kinda defeats the purpose of a transcript) and thanked the country for being such a gracious host of OPEC Summit. Really? Last time I checked, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Oil & Petroleum Exporting Countries weren't members of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation. The Gulf is no where near the Pacific ring of fire... but hey, this is what happens when nepotism runs wild. Moron.

Icing on the cake... Bush walked the wrong way off the stage and nearly fell off the edge of the stage before being redirected by John Howard, the Prime Minister of Australia. Now, why couldn't Johnny-boy have grabbed the reins a few years ago and not blindly followed Bush into Iraq in 2003? Bush could have used some guidance back then as well as today.