Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Gotta love this country

There were two bizarre stories about China today on the top stories of CNN.com. No coincidence that both occurred in Southern China in Guangdong Province (its the heat... it makes people crazy).

In one story a man playing MMORPGs for 3-days straight died at his computer from exhaustion. In no other country in the world is Internet addiction a severe problem. But it is in China! There are people who's lives have been destroyed here because they can't pull themselves away from World of Warcraft or other similar games.

In another story a man who was involved in a quarrel with some local villagers invited all of the parties involved to a restaurant for dinner, AND THEN BLEW THEM UP WITH EXPLOSIVES! Apparently because guns are forbidden here (well, I've once seen mafia with them) and fireworks are very easy to obtain, a common way of exacting revenge on people in China is to blow them up with fireworks!

You gotta love this country!