Saturday, September 15, 2007

Oh, Pizza Qing, why did I ever doubt you?

A month or so ago my friend Barbara and wanted pizza and decided that instead of our regular pizza joint, Pizza Qing, we would try the new Korean pizza place Han Sung Pizza. We had a beef pizza delivered to my apartment and ate it while watching a movie. Pretty darned good, we though.

A few weeks later my friend Martin and I ordered a Hawaiian pizza, and were a little disappointed... they had put waaaay to much cheese on the pizza rendering it soggy.

Tonight I decided to give Han Sung one more try. I ordered the Hawaiian Pizza. Oh my. Pizza Qing, I am sorry for ever doubting you. The "Hawaiian Pizza" from Han Sung arrived with not ham and pineapple, but also all of the other fruit toppings you find in a typical can of fruit cocktail, complete with the cubes of gelatin that the Chinese like to put in fruit salad.

Yes, I had a ham, pineapple, peach, grape, jello, and cherry pizza tonight. Yuck!