Monday, May 21, 2007

Remembered my login

Finally, after a week or so of trying, I have been able to login to blogger. A while ago I switched from the old version to the new google accounts version, and since then I have not been able to post. I finally stumbled upon the right combination of email address and password.

Not a whole lot to report, really. I had a really nice weekend that has put me in a great mood. My German friend Dani had some friends visiting for the weekend, so the group of us went to the bar each night. Drinking, dancing, 2am street BBQ, and staying out until the sun came up was good for the soul.

On Saturday, my friend Barbara and I went down to the pet/plant/antiques market so I could show her where to buy turtle food for her pet turtles, Panda and Dinosaur. We searched in a local department store and I found an oven for only 300 RMB (I only know two people with ovens in Yantai... this means I can finally bake something). I honestly don't know how the Chinese manage to get through life frying all of their food. The department store also sold a bread machine, complete with English language recipes which I think I will go back and buy in a few days time. I've already found a recipe for cheddar/onion bread which sounds fantastic.

I'm trying to plan my trip home to the States for my friends' Steve and Debbie's wedding, which I am in (June 30th). I still don't know which day I will be coming home, but I am trying to work in a stop in London to see my Grandfather and also attend a reception at LBS for admits/waitlisters. I'm hoping the trip home can coincide with a business trip to Colorado, negating the need for me to pay for the tickets myself... that would be nice (which theoretically, I won't be able to do if I don't get paid soon anyway... but that is another story).

I'm in a much better mood this week. Last week I wasn't sure if I could stay in Yantai much longer, but this week I feel more optimistic. I very well may find myself falling back into my feelings of homesickness and general unhappiness, but I really hope not. On Friday I am supposed to be hearing another decision from LBS, so I may have more reason to be happy later... and if not, at least I will be able to better plan my near future if I know what's going on with that situation.

Reading back some of my posts, I am amazed people read this drivel. I don't really write about anything interesting, just my own daily routine, thoughts, etc. I am constantly jealous when I read well written blogs, such as my friend Fargus's blog or his celebrity gossip blog which he writes with the hilarious Mel.

Anyway, that's about it for me today. Time for bed.

Focker, out.