Monday, August 11, 2008

Writing sample to become an LBS MBA blogger

I can hardly believe Aug 26th is nearly here. My level of excitement couldn’t be higher, and I feel as if I have been waiting a long time for the LBS MBA to begin. I suppose I have been though…

Shortly after my first visit to London Business School in June of 2006, I decided that LBS was my number one choice for b-school. I knew it the moment I walked onto the campus. When I walked into the reception area and asked the woman at the help desk where the admissions office was for the weekly open house, she replied, “Oh, you’re considering LBS? You should definitely apply here! Coming here was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I couldn’t be happier!” The shear enthusiasm that she and the other students I met that day had for the school sold me instantly. Every person I spoke to was incredibly friendly and helpful; not the stereotype ‘cutt-throat’ personality types that some other schools are known for having. That, combined with London Business School's reputation for excellence in the fields of entrepreneurship and finance (both, fields I am considering), caused me to scrap my other MBA applications and focus all of my efforts on one school. LBS matched my personality and career goals perfectly.

It was a tough road. I applied in December of 2006. After the alumni interview, I was placed on the wait-list for what would turn out to be a very long wait. As the beginning of classes got closer and closer, I finally informed the adcoms that I would be unable to accept a spot in the 2009 class with such short notice. They thanked me for my honesty and said I would be considered for a deferred admission to the class of 2010. One month later, I got the good news; I would be attending LBS beginning in Aug, 2008!

In between packing up my life in China to move halfway around the world, applying for student loans and scholarships, and flying to London to open a UK bank account and find a flat, I’ve gotten to know many of my future classmates through both the school’s Portal and the Facebook group that I created for the class. I have only met a few of my classmates in person so far and already the high level of accomplishment that these people have achieved in their lives floors me. I know I will be surrounded by some of the most interesting, dynamic people I have ever met, and Aug 26th cannot come quickly enough. I’ve only been waiting for 20 months!!