Sunday, July 13, 2008

Still alive, I swear...

I know I haven't posted anything in something like 6 months. Mainly I lost interest, and then when I did pick up interest in posting again (sometime around April), I was suddenly way to busy trying to organize my life and figure out how to move all of my possessions to London.

Currently I'm sitting in an internet cafe in Bali, Indonesia. About one month ago, I left China amid a floury of goodbyes. I can still hardly believe that I don't live in China anymore... Yantai was my home for 3 years.

I've had lots of adventures since I last posted. I suppose I have a bit of catch up to do. I also clearly need to update the blog description. For those of you who don't already know, I have left China because I will be starting a two year MBA program at the London Business School at the end of August. I would very much like to become an "MBA-blogger" to help some of the people currently applying... so I guess one of my upcoming posts had better be something about the process in general. There is already plenty available on the net about applying to LBS, but I think I can offer some insights for people stuck on the wait list... after all, I was stuck on it for the better part of 7 months.

In March I spent nearly two weeks partying in Malaysia and Thailand with my good friend Mattei.

This past month I've been traveling across the Nusa Tenggara islands in Indonesia. It is by far the best trip I have taken yet, and I wish I had more than merely one month to explore this interesting country. I have some great photos to post from this trip as well.

I suppose another main reason I have not been posting is that I started this blog in order to keep in touch with my friends and family back home... but with the advent of facebook, I no longer need the blog as a way to keep my friends updated with my life.

Anyway, rest assured, within the next few weeks there will be a torrent of new posts from me, discussing both the old (the past 6 months) and the new (my upcoming move to London and the start of the MBA).

Stay tuned...