Friday, July 21, 2006

I don't talk so good no more

Apparently when living in a foreign country, you're English ability goes downhill at a steady rate. I used to listen to people like my crazy Dutch friend Peter speak and I just figured he was drunk (haha... just kidding)... but now I realize that his corroded gramatical skills were due to the fact that he has been here for so many years. You forget how to speak "normally". I just read my last post to myself and was appalled at my grammar ability. I actually used the word "please" in place of "pleasure". When my parents where here they pointed out that I speak painfully slowly now and I tend to "over annunciate" my words. And th-ey are cor-rect. When I'm chooseing my words for a sentance, I actually feel as my vocabulary has regressed to a 5th grade level.

I think if I re-took the verbal section of the SAT now, I could say, "goodbye, 680 verbal. Hello, 500". At this rate, in three years time I will have the auratory skill of a salamander.