Monday, July 03, 2006

Xi'an... with the 'rents

So I'm in Xi'an with my parents and having a pretty good time. I feel kind of guilty because of how much time I've been taking off of work lately, until I realized that I work ridiculous hours and haven't been paid in over 5 months.

My Dad and I spent this week meeting stone suppliers in Yantai with the intention of importing stone from China to the US. Hopefully my Dad can make something of it and it would be a good excuse to get him back to China again. The best part were the business luncheons that we went to. The first company took full advantage of the traditional Chinese business drinking attitude and fed us baiju. By 2 pm I was quite tipsy, but I had to hide it a little as we were meeting with another company. Some of the companies seemed genuinely interested in starting some partnership with us, but as with all things in China, we must take them step by step. Perhaps after a few containers full of orders, these companies will be interested in forming a more formal relationship than just the normal buyer/seller one.

I know these posts haven't been particularly interesting or entertaining. I'll try and write some funnier, more comical posts in the future, but for now I am going to bed... these 5 star hotel beds are quite comfortable.

Good night and zaijian.