Friday, July 21, 2006

New blogs

I've posted some links to some other Yantai blogs. They are all either more interesting or more well written than mine. Kiwi Nick is a friend of mine who I usually hang out with at the outdoor Chinese BBQs. His blog will give you a better view of Chinese culture because he spends so much time with his wonderful girlfriend's family. I've spoken to Meg through email and I know her boss (who's from Philly), but I've never had the please of meeting her. I hope to change that soon. Her blog makes me laugh every time I read it. And, Magnus... I have no idea who that guy is, but he has some good pics! I guess I'm not spending very much time on Chao Yang Jie this year so I'm not up on the "who's-who" of the Yantai expat crowd anymore.

So, whats going on with me?...

Work-wise thing are picking up. It looks like my company may have secured its funding afterall. My boss Max will be back in Yantai soon! Thats great, because I've been here on my own for 3.5 months now. We can hopefully start our production soon. That would be great because it means I can actually get paid (its been quite a while). Sometime in August I will be travelling to the French and Swiss Alps for a week or so for some business. I think I'll stop by Hong Kong to get my visa situated.

This blog has gotten very frustrating for me lately. I would like to think that initially it was well-written and funny enough to be entertaining, but now I feel/worry that it is becoming just another one of those I-had-this-for-lunch-today -what-do-you-mean-you-don't-care- about-my-daily-schedule type blogs. I read other blogs such as violet eclipse and find great entertainment value in them? Have I been here to long to write good stuff anymore? Have I run out of all the I'm-new-to-China-omg-you-won't-believe stuff? Surely not... the Chinese-way is so nutso at times that surely I can get many more years of good comedic content out of it? I guess I am just in a slump. Anyway, sorry to drone on and I hope my next posts are funnier!