Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Raining bowling balls

I thought I would share a fun story about something that happened at work a few days ago. Our factory and offices are located approximately 200 yards away from the road. Between us and the road is a section of land with some very large boulders on it, maybe 15-20 feet tall each. This section of land is owned by the local government whom recently decided to remove these stones.

They decided to do this by blowing them up. (You gotta love the Chinese).

Well, the time came for the destruction and everyone in the office peered out of the windows in anticipation. And then it came... bam... bam!...Bam!....BAM!

It seems that the "demolitions experts" (and I use the term loosely) had SLIGHTLY over calculated the amount of explosive they would need for the job. We stood at the windows watching large, basketball sized rocks shoot 80, 90, 100 feet into the air. As we watched, we suddenly became aware that some of the smaller stones we were watching we getting closer and closer to us. Before you knew it, everyone was very quickly backing away from the windows with some people ducking behind furniture. Suddenly, baseball and football sized rocks started landing in our parking lot, hitting our roof, and breaking our windows. We were really that no one was outside at the time or someone could have gotten really hurt.

Still... it was GLORIOUS to see albeit a little scary.