Friday, June 01, 2007

I heard a rumor...

My friend Rob told me today that he saw a Ramada Inn being built out near the sports complex... and he heard (and I want to stress that this is hearsay so as to not make people hate Rob when it turns out to be wrong) that there is also a...

STARBUCKS being built there!!!!



For the people playing at home, the closest Starbucks to me now is a three hour drive South to Qingdao. Now, at home I don't particularly love Starbucks, but in China having a Starbucks around, or any Western amenity for that matter... I'm talking to you, Subway in Beijing... just makes me happy.

And poor (Starbucks is still expensive here).
And fat (caramel macchiato goodness... droool).
But happy, nonetheless.

You'd better be right, Rob, or Lord help me...