Saturday, September 09, 2006

WTH Conversations Part II

Me: Hi, I would like to buy some electricty, please.
Teller: You're card does not seem to be working.
Me: Ok, I am busy now, I will come back later.

Me: Hello, this is my electicty card (actually my friend's card). I would like to buy some electricity. Here is 200 yuan.
Teller: Here you go. Please take your receipt.

Me: Hi, I was in here earlier this morning. I lied to to you and said my friend's card was mine and bought 200 RMB on it because my card it bad. It did not work. May I please have my 200 RMB back?
Teller: Ok, but you will lose 5 yuan.
Me: No problem. Can you put 200 yuan on my card? Here you go.
Teller: Your card it not working.
Me: I was here last week and it also did not work. My card is bad and I need a new one.
Teller: You don't know that! I will come with you to your house and try myself!

Teller (at my house): You have a bad electricty card and need a new one.
Me: Yes, I know. I told you that one hour ago.
Teller: Let's got to my office.

Teller: Here is a new electricty card. I have put your 200 RMB on it.
Me: Xie xie.

Me: Oh my god, its still not working... I am going to kill that teller. Driver, it is late let's got to the factory, I will do this tomorrow!!
Driver: Tomorrow is Saturday, you must wait until Monday.
Me: But I don't have enough enough electricity to last me until then!!
Driver: We will go on Monday!