Saturday, September 02, 2006

New Template

So, I decided to make my blog look a little more Chinese as it is, well, a blog about living in China. I wanted something different from all of the Blogger pre-made templates, so I found a freeware template and modified it a bit. I ended up choosing red and gold colouring because in China if something is red or gold it is either considered lucky, luxurious, or important. Hopefully my blog will be one of those.

Problem is, my HTML skills just about match my Chinese conversational skills (read: a drunk monkey smashing the keyboard with a tire iron could have done better). So, some questions for those nerds... umm... I mean, HTML literate people out there.

1. How do I make my blog centered on the page again like it was before. I've scoured the code and tried changing every instance of "left" to "center" but that didn't fix it. I'm guessing something with margins, but I don't know anything about those.

2. How do I fix my description at the top of the blog? It overflows on each end and I would also like to raise the title of my blog a few pixels so that it is not on top of the symbol in the title block.

Any comments with ideas or suggestions would be appreciated!