Saturday, August 12, 2006

Afternoon delight?

So, yesterday I spent the day in the office of Michel Humbert (French guy that works for Yantai Investment Board) plowing through stacks of resumes to see if there was anyone we'd be interested in hiring. After a few hours and lunch at the Double Happiness Restaurant across the street, I dedcided to walk downtown and window shop. Before I left though, I thought I'd stop in on the fourth floor and say hello to a guy I know who runs a stone business... just wanted to keep up the relation.

I found the guy's office, and knocked on the door. I heard a very cranky exclamation in Chinese, but I just assumed he was still taking his noon-time nap, despite the fact it was 3:30. Well, I decided it was about time this guy woke up, especially if he was every interested in doing business with me in the future, so I knocked again. Loud and angry doesn't begin to describe the rant that caused. Figuring that this guy was dead set on sleeping longer, I turned around and started to leave. As I was nearing the staircase, the door started to unlock and I could here his Chinese cursing getting louder and louder. I don't know what he was saying, but I think I detected the words, "your mother", "prostitute", and "fat piggy" all in the same sentance. When the guy looked down the hall and saw it was me, he turned pale and started apologizing profusely. He ran down the hall, shook my hand, and phyically dragged me into his office...

...where I saw a rather disheveled woman on the couch (that he introduced as his wife) very quickly buttoning up the top of her blouse. She said, "ni hao" and quickly ran out of the room while she was tucking her shirt in and somehow putting one shoe on at the same time. As I sat down with the man at his desk, I started to notice that his buttons were done up incorrectly (buttons in wrong hole) and is fly was unzipped.

I apologized profusely for "waking him up" and told him I'd call him the next week to have dinner with him.

Talk about bad timing!