Thursday, August 18, 2005

Yo, Fargus...

...I bought the first two seasons of Six Feet Under for $3.06 US. I also got Madagascar for $0.85 US and five years worth of Discovery Channel specials for $14.

I went to the Houghton's Shanghai plant and offices yesterday. They are very nice... brand new. Production hasn't even started there yet, but in October they will start blending coolant concentrates with mineral oils. I still think it is very funny that due to the complete lack of copyright laws my company will not tell Houghton China how to manufacture its own products. Instead, the US manufactures a concentrated version of each fluid and sends it to China where they dilute it with a mineral oil blend.

After work, Ngee Siew and I went hunting for the British Bulldog Pub, somewhere near the American Consulate. We finally found it, and despite the fact that it was a Wednesday and kind of dead, we had an awesome time. The new manager has only been there for three weeks... he is a Scotsman who just went through a divorce and ran off to the Far East to escape I suppose. I am trying to teach Ngee Siew how to play 8-ball pool because this Friday we are flying to Zuhai in southern China for Houghton China's annual meeting. While we are there, there are many activities and competitions to take part in... I am trying to get Ngee Siew to play 8-ball with me, but he is pretty bad as last night was only the second time he has ever played. We got pretty friendly with all the bartenders and I told them that I used to bartend in the US. We started exchanging bartender tricks, bar bets and the lot. It was very fun, although I think that bottle of red wine on top of all of the beer was a mistake. I just had to call Ngee Siew because he is an hour and a half late for work... I guess it hit him harder than it did me.

Anyway, I should go and do work. Oh, Oliver... congradulations on getting into Fordham.... thats awesome.