Saturday, December 10, 2005


For months I have been trying to upload my Yangtze River pics, but my photo album upload tool would never work and would crash after one photo. I've been trying it every night this week and finally resigned myself to adding every photo I had one at a time... not something I was looking forward to. So, I set about my arduous task this evening, and...

... viola! All of my photos uploaded with lightning speed. I couldn't believe how fast the connection was. Very strange. But anyway, now I finally have all of my pics up on the internet. Ok, well not all of them, because I took pity on my parents who have to view my pics through a dial-up connection, so I only put up the ones that I thought were really worth their time.

Oh, and I've been keeping track of how many people have been visiting my blog, but I've had the counter hidden. I changed that so everyone can view it. I am challenging you, my loyal readers, to make that number increase to 10,000 by June. I can be done. Counter is on my sidebar.

Have fun with the pics! Feel free to leave comments!