Saturday, July 30, 2005

A few emails of concern

I wanted to share a few emails that I have received from some colleagues of mine that have caused me a good deal of anxiety.

The first is an email from a Chinese co-worker:

"Very happy to hear that you guy are full of Zeus support China Fluidcare business! We will do the best!"

Ok, while this level of grammar is something I would expect from a typical Chinese associate, I would like to point out that this guy is being assigned to me as my translator! What does full of Zeus mean? The thing that is really confusing though is the fact that this guy's other emails are basically flawless. Perhaps it is a Chinese saying that just doesn't translate well.

The next email is from my American boss who will be moving over to China also:

"I cannot remember if you read the draft of my last trip report. But do what I am about to tell you: Get 2 courses of Cipro to bring with you. 500mg 2 per day for 3 days. One for Shanghai and one for Yantai (in case). I forgot mine and am paying the price. I am going to the clinic to get some here in China. As the Jerky Boys once said 'My ass is killin me'."

This one is self explanitory. I am hoping that I am one of the few people whom traveler's sickness does not affect. Too much to hope for?

Also, I was informed today by my Dad that my 1-year, multiple entry visa was approved, however they listed 30 days as my max duration length... this means that unless we can get this changed, I will have to leave the country once a month and re-enter... looks like I'll be visiting South Korea, Mongolia, or Hong Kong. Well, the VP of Houghton China has assured me that once I get my residency card and work permit we will be able to get the duration adjusted to 180 days. Perhaps I'll be able to come home for Christmas!